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 To Members of the Parish Coordinating Council

Notes for November 2016


Our Parish Theme for 2016: “The Church is Catholic”

Theme for Jubilee Year of Mercy: “Merciful Like the Father”

 Focus: Corporal & Spiritual Works of Mercy.

Events & Activities for the month of November

2016 - Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy

We are coming to the close of the Jubilee Year of Mercy. The call by Our Holy Father Pope Francis to dedicate this year to Mercy provided us with a time to come back into right relationship with one another and with God. Our response therefore does not end with the closing of the year of mercy on 20th November, 2016; instead must continue for Mercy is the heartbeat of the Gospel. May God bless us with strength to continue to keep this noble virtue alive in us and in our ministries.  

Special Days

In the month of November we celebrate the Solemnity of All Saints on 1st, Feast of All Souls on 2nd. Solemnity of Christ the King on 20th and Memorial of the Presentation of Mary on 21st. Advent begins on Sunday 27th November.      


Meeting for November will be on Wednesday 2nd.

RCIA English/Mandarin

Saturday 26th Prayer Day in preparation of Rite of Welcoming, Acceptance and Reception.

Sunday 27th Rite of Welcoming, Acceptance and Reception at JCC

Legion of Mary

Mass offering for souls of departed Legionaries.

Catechetical English/Mandarin

Sunday school closes for the year with prize giving on Sunday, 13th November.

Elections for the Period 2017-2018

We have been advised of changes in the leadership in most of the Ministries but not all. These were to have been completed and advised by 31st October. Those who have yet to do so, we kindly request you to notify the undersigned by 1st week of November. Only PIHD has requested for extension of time. Even if there are no changes in the team in your ministry kindly do also notify the undersigned so that our records for 2017 can be updated.

Planner and Budget for 2017

With the exception of RCIA (English) and Youth (English) none have submitted so far. Catechetical and Liturgy have requested for extension of time. We seek your cooperation in the above two matters so that we can move into the season of Advent free of outstanding matters. A reminder: In planning activities and events for your ministries please be guided and work around the Parish Pastoral Theme for 2017 which will be “The Church is Apostolic.

Nominations for Parish Pastoral Council

Nomination of candidates for the Parish Pastoral Council is under way. Nomination forms are being distributed in Church as well as through BECs. The closing date for submitting the nomination forms is 20th November. Additional info on process can be found in our Parish bulletin.


To enhance the faith formation of our parishioners, Our Church has subscribed to FORMED, an on line platform that provides a wide array of Catholic study and formation materials. You may now access the platform using our parish code NP8N73.

If you have not accessed this on line platform yet please note that JCC’s subscription to this platform will end on 6th July 2017. The materials found here are very educational, inspiring and can help not only in deepening our own knowledge and understanding of our faith but as Ministry heads also guide us in our ministerial work. Please make use of this opportunity provided by our Church before our subscription runs out.  

We wish you and your team A Holy and Blessed month of November as we prepare to enter into the season of Advent – the precursor to the Christmas season. It is a season of hopeful longing, joyful expectation, prayerful penance and spiritual preparation. We reflect on the past – Salvation history, the present – redemption being accomplished, the future – the second coming of Christ. Advent connects us spiritually with God’s whole plan of redemption through Jesus Christ.

Yours in Christ!

Justin Gomez


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