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Despite achievement and praise, you still feel worthless and empty, and that you have nothing to give, no direction in life...


Caritas Counseling Unit offers spiritual advice and counseling to those who are in need.

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The Seven Last Words of Christ


 lenten recollection

“There was never a preacher like the dying Christ. There was never a congregation like that which gathered about the pulpit of Christ. There was never a sermon like the Seven Last Words of Christ.”

– Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen

Let Simon Phillips, a Benedictine Oblate, unlock the deeper meaning of the Seven Last Words of Christ as he hung on the Cross to help you in your personal meditation of Christ’s passion and death as we enter Holy Week. 

 Date    Saturday, 18- Mar-2017
 Time   9:00am to 4:00pm
 Donation   RM10 (two tea breaks and lunch)
 Organized by   RCIA Ministry and open to all in the parish
 Registration  After Mass or contact Alison Wong (017-6076557)

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