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The Parish is a privileged place to announce the Word of God. It includes a variety of forms and each of the faithful is called to take an active part, especially with the witness of a Christian life and the explicit proclamation of the Gospel to non-believers to lead them to the faith, or to believers to instruct them, confirm them and encourage them to a more fervent life. As for the priest, he "proclaims the word in his capacity as "minister', as sharer in the prophetic authority of Christ and the Church."

Jesus Caritas is blessed to have been served with wonderful priests since its establishment in 1975. The community believes that it will continue to grow with the guidance, perseverance and active participation of its Parish Priest.

Fr. Pierre Decroocq was the first parish priest of Jesus Caritas Church from its foundation in 1975 till the year 1985.


Fr. Michael Chua

Parish Priest, current
          Fr Michael Chua         Fr. Michael Chua is the current Parish Priest of JCC    

Other priests who have served in JCC



Fr. Surain Durai Raj

Parish Priest, 2013

Fr Surain Parish PriestFr. Surain Durai Raj was born on February 14th, 1977 and was ordained on February 2nd, 2009. Having ordained, he was posted to Sacred Heart Church in Peel Road as an assistant Parish Priest. In the subsequent year, he was sent to Taiwan to study Mandarin language for 2 years. On completion of his Mandarin language studies, he returned to Malaysia and was posted as Assistant Parish Priest of Our Lady of Lourdes in Klang in year 2011. He was then, in the year 2013 posted to JCC as Parish Priest covering also the Chapel of Kristus Aman, TTDI.







 Fr. Mitchel Anthony Joseph

Parish Priest, 2005

Fr. Mitchel

Fr. Mitchel came to JCC in 2005 and has since then became one of the most dynamic Parish Priest of JCC. He is known to incorporate both humor and real life situations in his sermons in which individuals can easily identify with. This, in return, helps believers, bring the message of the homilies back home.

His tireless efforts in spearheading the building and upgrading of churches for the community, including JCC and Kristus Aman, and recently the controversy surrounding the church's access road, earned him the rightful title of both a modern-day "Church Builder" and "Warrior Priest." The pacifist kind that is.




Rev. Fr. Joachim Tan

Parish Priest

  • Fr. John Baptist Yang Wantian, Visiting Priest
  • Fr. Joachim Tan, Parish Priest


  • Fr. Simon Tang
  • Fr. Anthony Thomas
  • Fr. A. Ponnudurai, SJ
  • Fr. Paul Tan Chee Ing, SJ


  • Fr. Benedict Savarimuthu
  • Fr. Philip So
  • Fr. Eugene Benedict
  • Fr. Leonard Lexson

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