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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ

Our parish has as at  7 July officially subscribed to FORMED, an online platform of the Augustine Institute,
which provides a wide array of Catholic study and formation materials for our own personal faith
enhancement as well as for the conduct of faith formation at parish level.
From now onwards you can access the platform using our specific parish code NP8N73. 
After that, please register your own personal profile i.e. by providing your username/email address
and password and following that a whole vista of Catholic programmes, e-books, movies and audio material
will be at your fingertips to enable you to form yourself and to provide you with the tools needed in your ministry or BEC. 
You can access all this at your own leisure in your own time or in the parish (when our WIFI access is perfected)
in the course of the conduct of your ministry. There is everything for everyone from the very young to the seniors. 
The tab on the right are topics that can be found on for your information. 
These topics will enable you to identify the particular material(s) you want as per your interest or focus.

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