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Wanna be a Catholic?

crossbibleDespite achievement and praise, you still feel worthless and empty, and that you have nothing to give, no direction in life...

Questions will be answered for those who wants to be a part of the Christian faith.

Parish Priest

Fr. SurainFr. Surain Durai Raj is the current Parish Priest of Jesus Caritas.

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fblogoFollow what's happening in the JCC Youth Ministry. 

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JCC Counseling Unit

frphilipFr. Philip has setup the Caritas Counseling Unit which offers spiritual advice and counseling to those who are in need.

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St. Francis: African Community



The BEC  of St. Francis (African Community) was officially approved by the Parish Priest Rev. FrSt Francis. Mitchel Anthony on the 25-Nov-2007.  It was formed by few members who where legionaries in Jesus caritas church in quest to reach out to fellow African Catholics living around the boundaries of Jesus caritas Church. It was later named after St.francis,a saint and a catholic priest born into the family of pietro Bernardone a rich cloth merchant of Assi in Italy.  He formed the Franciscan order (mock) known for their vow of chastity, poverty and obedience. He is a canonized catholic saint and patron saint of Animal, Enviroment and Merchants.  His feast day is October 4th. 


  • To foster unity among African catholic families in the community of Jesus caritas
  • To help uplift the spiritual growth of members
  • To identify the social needs of members and compliment their welfare


  • To bring back lapse Catholics and consolidate their faith.



Kepong Central
Kuala Lumpur
Email: st.francisafrica@yahoo.com
Tel: +6012-6710 192

Asst. Coordinator
Menara Majelera
Kuala Lumpur
Email: not available
Tel: +6016-3652 195



  1. Alozie Emmanuel
  2. Alumona Stephen
  3. Ani Joseph
  4. Anthony Obilo
  5. Arthur Paul Osaroeji
  6. Awuzie Collins
  7. Chibuike Valentine
  8. Dennis Okonkwo
  9. Donald Egwiuyim
  10. Ebele ibekwe
  11. Echekam Adaku Gloria
  12. Egbanugo Edwin
  13. Egwim Donald
  14. Ekoh Johnson
  15. Emmanuel Usobi
  16. Eze Christian
  17. Francis Agbata
  18. Ibe Bernard
  19. Ignatus Nwaoha
  20. Ilonze Ndubuisi
  21. Iwuoha Stanley
  22. James Nwazelibe
  23. Nicholas Ukiwa
  24. Nmezi Stanley Onyemuche
  25. Nnamdi Onyekwelu
  26. Nwaeje Uchechukwu
  27. Nwaeme Ndubuisi
  28. Nwagu Stephen
  29. Nwankwo Ambrose Okwudili
  30. Nwankwo Henry
  31. Nwokeocha Chidiesene
  32. Ogbonna Chuks
  33. Okeke Simeon Kenechukwu
  34. Okonkwo Dennis
  35. Okonkwo Sunday
  36. Onunwa Henry
  37. Onwukwe Emmanuel
  38. Onyekpa Obinna
  39. Osueke Norbert
  40. Prince China Ohams
  41. Uche Osuala
  42. Uchechukwu Kelvin
  43. Ukwegbu Donald
  44. Vitalis E


 The BEC Families list is sorted in alphabetical order for easy reading and identfication.



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On A Wing and a Prayer

prayerpicBelieve it or not, I'm walking on air
I never thought I could feel so free
Flying away on a wing and a prayer

Visit the JCC Prayer Group Section for your prayer request.


SPM Bible Knowledge

SPM-ActsBible Knowledge on the Gospel of St. Luke and the Acts of the Apostles is taught in Jesus Caritas Chruch.

Students in Form 4 and Form 5 who have opted to take the SPM Bible Knowledge paper are prepared for the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia Examination in November each year.