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Please be mindful of some of the house rules when you occupy the room.
  1. Smoking & use of alcohol or drugs are Not Allowed.
  2. Please Switch off all appliances e.g. air-cons, fans and lights after use, conserve water & turn off taps.
  3. Leftover food and waste must be emptied into garbage bags (tied securely) and placed in the big garbage
    bin at the designated area.
  4. Premises to be kept clean, including no notices to be pasted on walls, floors to be swept & wash areas/sink
  5. Return all tables and chairs used to their original places. Report to Parish Office any item broken during
  6. Jesus Caritas Church is not responsible for any lost, stolen or broken items.
  7. Advise Parish Office of cancellation of booking at least 1 week in advance.
  8. Ventilation can be optimized by opening all doors & windows. For increased safety, usage of portable air
    purifiers can also be considered.

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